Strategies Overview

At First Plus, we are committed to delivering stable and impactful investments by strategising and capturing
unprecedented opportunities in Asia-Pacific, underpinned by multi-layered controls. Our future-led investment
strategies allow investors to be well primed in hedging against market volatility, taking advantage of favourable market conditions,
whilst contributing to advancements across markets.

With an increasingly competitive landscape in Asia-Pacific, our strategies are aimed at steering and delivering positive
economic and social impacts across the region.

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Public Equity

Generate risk-adjusted returns by capturing market risk-reward
asymmetry and inefficiency through bottom-up analysis

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Private Equity

Actively capture private equity investment opportunities, with a focus
on late stage (growth and pre-IPO) deals in Asia’s emerging markets,
especially in the technology, renewable energy, and healthcare sectors.

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Structured Credit

Characterised by short duration, low market-to-market volatility,
periodic dividend, and high carry. Investing in asset based structured credit
opportunities across asset classes and jurisdictions in Asia Pacific, representing one of the first dedicated structured credit strategies within the region.

Strategy Highlights

Strategy Summary

Our Asia Opportunity Fund utilises a value-oriented, bottom-up approach to uncover investment opportunities in Chinese companies listed domestically and overseas. This approach allows us to generate absolute returns while managing risk.

Investment Rationale

We aim to identify mispriced companies or assets in the Chinese market to build relatively concentrated and low-turnover investment portfolios. By leveraging our comprehensive research, we believe our Asia Opportunity Fund can provide our investors with high certainty of competitive returns over the long term.

Strategy Summary

Our Growth Opportunity Fund focuses on private equity investment opportunities in Asia's emerging markets, particularly in the technology, renewable energy, and healthcare sectors where we aim to capture late-stage deals (growth and pre-IPO).

Investment Rationale

Emerging Asia accounts for a third of the global GDP and a quicker rebound is expected as the economy emerges from the pandemic. Additionally, the region's fast-growing economies and increasing middle-class population signify a potential consumer market of over 3-billion for our potential investors to tap on.

Strategy Summary

Our Structured Credit Strategy for Asia focuses on providing bespoke lending solutions to borrowers to bridge the funding gap created by retreating banks in the region.

Investment Rationale

As banks continue to retreat from risk assets in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the funding gap in Asia is expected to widen. This, coupled with changing consumption habits in the region, necessitates a shift away from traditional corporate lending practices. We adopt asset-based risk analysis and credit and structure-driven risk pricing to provide investors with higher returns while managing risk. These generate substantial returns from liquidity premiums and offer better structural protections, while maintaining a comparable asset-based risk exposure to public market asset-backed securities.