Opportunities in
Emerging Asia

A gateway for forward-thinking investors looking to unlock credit and equity opportunities across Asia-Pacific.

What can we do for you?

We see investments as partnerships and that where you put your money
matters. At First Plus, we offer you unique insights into credit and equity
opportunities, paving the way with future-led investment strategies that
have a positive impact for investors and the community. We put people
at the forefront of our business, creating investment opportunities with
transparency and agility.

Our Strategies

Our investment strategies deliver stable and impactful investments by capturing unprecedented opportunities across
the Asia-Pacific region, which are underpinned by multi-layered controls.

Learn more about our public and private equity strategies, as well as our structured credit approach to build an
impactful portfolio.

Who we are at a Glance

We are a MAS Capital Market Services Licensed multi-asset investment firm with over 90-years of combined global
experience, acting as an investment gateway for the Asia-Pacific region.

Headquartered in Singapore, we bring our global expertise and regional perspective to structure attractive and
impactful investments, connecting capital to opportunities between the East and West.

17+ years

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Public Equity
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Private Equity
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